Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Countdown - Day 5

Okay, my days are a little off as I've missed some here and there - but since this is my blog - I make up the rules as I go along!

This is a really nifty little project, very simple but fun to give to people. I've often made these for Christmas project but thought it might be neat to make a little Halloween version for a change.

You will need a pop-top can of some type. I like the little ones that snack size servings of canned fruit come in. I buy them by the case at Costco (my daughter loves canned peaches). They are about 4-6 oz size cans.

The secret to this project is to open the can from the bottom (not the pop-top). You must, must, must use one of those can openers that does not leave a sharp edge but separates the can lid from the can where it is glued on. They are sometimes called smooth-edge or safety edge can openers. There are a bunch of different companies that make these. I bought mine at a discount kitchen supply store for about $10. They are really nice if you have young children because they don't leave behind any sharp can lids.

Peel off any labels from the can. Make sure that you clean and dry the can very well before starting this project. Fill it up with whatever treat you fancy. Leave a little space at the top so the lid will go back on properly.

Use a glue like Crystal Effects or other clear drying glue and spread a little around the rim of the can bottom. Put it back on the can and press it down. Put something heavy on top if it needs a little help to stay down while it dries. Now walk away.... Go watch tv, play with your kids, make a card, do the dishes, whatever... Come back in 24 hours.

When you come back you should have a can that looks just about like a can you purchased at the store - minus the label. Now you have a blank canvas to decorate however you would like!

Measure the can from rim to rim and cut you paper to that width. Wrap it around the can and secure it with a glue dot or other adhesive. Decorate as desired. Here I have added another band that has been stamped with a spider image (SU wheel), a tag and sentiment and ribbon. I've also added some ribbon to the pop-top ring on the top of the jar. Your recipient will get a pleasant surprise when the open the can to find it full of candy...and not peaches.

Supplies: Cardstock (SU!), patterned paper (Carolee's Creations), Stamps (SU!, Papertrey Ink), ribbon, Ink (Palette, SU!, Ranger).

2 comments: said...

This is SUCH a great idea! Opening these from the bottom is genius. I'll be linking to this.

Tonniece said...

oh wow. LOVE this idea.